Andrew Lancaster
Music Room Antiques

Music Room Antiques specialises in the restoration and sale of square pianos of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We also keep a stock of related antiques; music stands and stools, antique metronomes and small items of Georgian and Regency furniture.


Square piano by Samuel Bury.

C. 1790.

Andrew has been restoring square pianos since the mid 1980's, since when he has worked on well over 200 instruments. They have been restored for and purchased by both professional and amateur musicians, collectors of antiques and museums.


The Clementi square piano at the Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton, Hampshire was restored by Andrew. Not, alas, Jane Austen's own instrument, but playing it in the sitting room where Jane Austen had played was a memorable experience!


Instruments have been supplied by Music Room Antiques for a number of films and for National Trust "Regency Weekends".


Though sometimes erroneously called spinets or table pianos, these instruments are correctly known as square pianos

Square Piano

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